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Meet Dr. Emma Zone

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My career spans more than 20 years as a faculty member, vice provost, and senior vice president of an ed tech company. In those roles, I learned how to drive change by subscribing to a philosophy of “leader as teacher.”  Applying this lens to how I approach my work has allowed me to build trust, enact change, and develop emerging leaders. Most of all, it has allowed me to keep learning, and now I love helping others adopt these approaches to make an impact.

I believe that good leaders, healthy organizations, and effective teams do best when they can collaborate and learn together. And in today’s environment, technology plays a big role in that learning and collaboration. But, those leading the way need to act as teachers, using proven approaches that optimize learning, development, and change.

Throughout my career, I have been committed to and energized by discovering, applying, and supporting innovation to impact meaningful change for individuals, institutions, and organizations. My professional interests include employee engagement and development, scaling and supporting implementation of technology solutions, and leadership development—and I’m convinced that all of these are best implemented when we meet people where they are, assume the best, and guide them along the way. 

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